Frequently asked questions Letiste Express

Frequently asked questions:

How to order transfer «Letiste Express»?

You can order transfer «Letiste Express» by telephone number: +420775159053 – WhatsApp, Viber (by call or sending an SMS message), on our website (by filling out the form of on-line order), on email: During one hour you will get an SMS message with confirmation of your order and price. We recommend to order a taxi «Letiste Express» minimum two hours before the planned trip, and you will be sure that the car is reserved for you.

I did not get confirmation of the order. What should I do?

If you didn’t get an SMS message with confirmation of your order for some reasons - call us by phone number: +420775159053 – WhatsApp, Viber, contact us through WhatsApp (same number) or e-mail: .

How and what currency can I pay?

Payment is provided at the end of your trip to a driver in cash (CZK, EUR, USD).

Will I get a receipt?

On your request a driver will give you a receipt at the end of your trip.

How our transfer service from/to the airport in Prague works?

After you make an order, during one hour, you will get confirmation SMS message of your order with price on the telephone number that you indicate in your order. Minimum 30 minutes before planned trip you'll get an SMS message from our driver with information where he'll wait for you and in which car.

Can a driver increase the payment for the transfer?

The cost, which is indicated in SMS message with confirmation of your order, is fixed. It may be changed only if the car moves aside from the route concerted before. If you know about such stops, write about them in” Notes” or “Additional information”or inform our traffic controller, if you make an order by phone. If you decided to do unplanned stops, inform a driver about them at once when you take a car, for the receiving the changed cost of your trip. Cost for the change of the concerted route in Prague is from 50 to 200 crowns.

I will need a car seat for a small child.

Please let us know about the age of your children. Baby car seat is provided for an additional payment 50 CZK.

I need special service. Is it possible to get?

Our company gives the special service, e.g. for elderly people, people with limited physical capabilities, on invalid carriages etc. Filling in an order we ask you to inform in details in “Notes” or say to our traffic controller, if you make an order by phone.

Can I smoke in a car?

Smoking in the salon of a car is forbidden.