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Karlovy Vary - One of the Most Famous Spa Towns

   Karlovy Vary - the largest Czech spa town, with 600 years of spa tradition, is situated in Central Europe. It is located in the western most part of the Czech Republic on the confluence of the lopla and Ohre rivers, about 120 km from the capital of Prague. The rich history of the town, which still emanates from the town's atmosphere and its architectural jewels, today combines with the modern period and its amenities without any negative effect on the unique genius loci of this place I rom limes immemorial, it is a place where the hot curative springs have been returning health to people, and where prominent liquies have been meeting for six centuries already.

   Largest Chech Spa

   Clients from the entire world keep returning for the unique Karlovy Vary treatment based on the specific use of its 15 springs for drinking, for baths and for several other treatments. The treatments used combine natural medicine with the most up-to-date medical methods. They are intended primarily for people suffering from digestive tract disorders, muscoskeletal problems, diseases of the liver, the pancreas, or the gall bladder, metabolic disorders or neurological issues, periodontal disease, gout, obesity and diabetes. The local treatment also has proven preventive effects. It helps prevent a number of civilization diseases, ageing- related diseases, or post-surgery complications. The Karlovy Vary treatment effects are long-term; positive effects are felt by the patients even several months after ending the treatment. Also, the treatment based on natural sources has no undesirable side- effects. The spa offers tailormade stay packages - spa or wellness stays. Aside from spa care, it also offers specialized examinations and surgeries in the field of plastic surgery, gastroenterology, dental medicine, ophthalmology, or IVF.

Karlovy Vary Actively

   There are 10 golf courses directly in Karlovy Vary or in its close vicinity, as well as several indoor golf facilities. Besides golf, you can enjoy the spa woods, which are sought out by both hikers and cyclists for their approximately 120 km of marked trails. You can also test your courage in the St. Leonard High Ropes Centre, and overcome circuits of rope obstacles hanging eight or thirteen metres above ground. The navigable Ohre (Eger) River flows through the town as well, and you can test your canoeing skills on the river between Cheb and Litomerice practically year- round. The beautiful nature of the Karlovy Vary region invites you to rest; you can also relish it on a horse ride. You can also enjoy the horses by watching them during races or show jumping.

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Karlovy Vary

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